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Sustainable Property Management: A Guide

Now more than ever, consumers value sustainable business practices; 70 percent of Canadian and American consumers believe it is important for businesses to be eco-friendly. So, how can businesses be more sustainable?

Large companies have started to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their operations, one example being Apple’s announcement of the use of green energy to power its manufacturing plants.

For small businesses, efforts to act sustainably may occur on a smaller – but just as purposeful – scale. When it comes to the property management industry, there are numerous ways to be eco-friendly, hence why 88 percent of Airbnb hosts incorporate green practices into their hosting strategies.

At 365 Experience, our team incorporates a variety of sustainable practices into our operations. By sharing these efforts, we hope to inspire and guide others in the property management sector to go green in any way they can!


We are often responsible for fully furnishing our rental units and our approach is fuelled by our desire to act sustainably. Some of our furniture is upcycled which our team accomplishes by sourcing previously used items and providing them with the proper TLC.

We also visit furniture stores and acquire items that are unable to be sold but are still functional, which prevents them from entering landfills. Aside from reusing furnishings, we also purchase an abundance of supplies from Ikea – a company that is making efforts to be sustainable through the use of ocean-bound plastics to make its products.

Our furniture and décor is reused across our rental units. When we no longer manage a rental location, we store its furnishings at our warehouse until they can be used again at a different unit. This ensures items are being used for the entirety of their lifespan, aiding in our efforts to be a green business.


Hosting properties entails providing supplies for guests to ensure their stay is comfortable. Our team prepares our guests with eco-friendly and convenient supplies so their time with 365 Experience is satisfying and leaves minimal waste.

Many travellers enjoy making a cup of coffee before their day begins. Rather than providing our guests with a machine like the Keurig, we supply a French press. This helps to avoid using single use plastics like K-Cups, which are playing a significant role in the excessive amount of plastic ending up in our landfills.

In addition to avoiding single-use plastics, we equip each of our rental units with garbage, recycling, and compost bins. We charge a penalty fee to guests when they do not properly sort their garbage. These efforts are put in place to ensure our properties (and guests) perform in an eco-friendly manner.


Did you know Canadian drivers emit an average 206 grams of climate pollution per kilometre? This is equivalent to throwing 400 plastic straws out the window every kilometre.

With this in mind, 365 Experience is proud to offer an array of rental properties located near bus routes and other forms of public transportation, making it unnecessary for guests to need a vehicle. Additionally, many of our units, especially those in Halifax, are walking distance from local hot spots and essential places such as grocery stores or pharmacies.

We also have electric scooters at various rental locations, provided by AirScoot – a company created by the executive team of 365 Experience. AirScoot is focused on contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by decreasing fossil fuel use through providing electric scooters to residents in apartment buildings. AirScoot and 365 Experience often interlace with one another to provide guests with stays that are convenient, sustainable, and fun.

Every Action Counts!

No matter how big or small a sustainable action is, it is one step in the right direction! At 365 Experience, we are happy to share the ways in which we act sustainably but will continue adopting new strategies and efforts to boost the growth of our business in an eco-friendly fashion.

Check out the United Nations' website to learn about why sustainability matters and how we can all play a part in caring for people and the planet.

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