• Alyanna Cortez

Introducing the Winter 2022 Co-Op Team!

We are well into 2022 and our new winter co-op students have adjusted quickly into their respective roles, so it’s time to introduce the team! This semester we have Lauren Mannix, Carolyn Parkes and Alyanna Cortez who are all helping to run the show over the next few months and are eager to continue navigating 365 Experience’s business environment.

Lauren Mannix is a commerce student in her second year at Dalhousie University. Lauren is majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Lauren grew up in Calgary and chose to come to Dalhousie specifically because the co op program caught her attention. The co-op program offers such a great opportunity to work in different roles for such short periods of time, allowing you to learn so much while helping you figure out the sort of roles you like and dislike before fully entering the corporate world.

Lauren is our Special Projects Manager for her first co op term. Throughout the next few months, she would love to gain experience in communications, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In the future, Lauren aims to start and manage her own business and believes that this co-op would give her great insight on how to be her own boss.

“I am so excited to be working with such a close-knit team and having a lot of responsibilities in the company!”

Carolyn Parkes is also a second-year commerce student at Dalhousie University intending to major in either Marketing Management or Finance. Carolyn moved to Halifax from Ottawa and chose to come to Dalhousie for Commerce also due to the mandatory Co Op program offered seeing as this was quite “unique” to most commerce programs offered in Canada.

This is Carolyn’s first co-op term, and for the next four months, she will be our Finance Manager. Throughout this co-op term, Carolyn aims to refine her expertise in finance as well as learn how to start, manage, and grow a business from an entrepreneurial perspective.

“I am looking forward to exploring different aspects of business operations within the start-up environment ranging from financial to operations management.”

Alyanna Cortez is a fourth-year student studying at Dalhousie University nearing completion of her commerce degree with a major in Marketing Management. Born and raised in Qatar, Alyanna moved to Canada for University, she also decided to come to Dalhousie for similar reasons as the other students; due to the mandatory co-op program paired with her degree to enhance her university education through gaining invaluable work experience before venturing into full-time jobs after graduation.

Over the next four months, she will be our Marketing, Branding, and PR Manager aiming to take what she has learned from both the classroom and her previous co-op experiences to help her succeed in this role from managing our social media platforms to taking on her own projects.

“I’ve always wanted to work for a smaller company. There are so many learning opportunities since you’re often given more responsibilities and you’re able to choose what projects to take on to customise your work experience.”

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