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Avery Birch: The story of a 26-year-old CEO

Since its launch in 2017, 365 Experience has been a key player in Atlantic Canada's short term accommodation industry. With a creative team and innovative industry approach, 365 Experience consistently provides homeowners and guests with memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

It all began in 2016 when Avery Birch – the founder and CEO of 365 Experience – had a spare room in his two bedroom apartment. As a 21-year-old student, open to new adventures and extra cash, Avery began renting out his spare room to those searching for a place to live. He quickly observed the financial benefits of this endeavor, enjoyed meeting new people, and loved providing them with a place to stay through the process. Thus, 365 Experience was born.

Avery, 26, has always loved to create; quite frankly, he can’t remember a time where he didn’t want to build things. His earliest memories of creation consisted of homemade lemonade stands and bartering amongst classmates. He loved seeing where these small hustles could go and continued to experiment with creating projects as he grew older.

In his fourth year of University, an ambitious Avery began taking only two courses per semester so that he could run a business on the side. He also did three international exchanges where he studied in Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands. For Avery, these adventures ignited his desire to provide memorable accommodations and experiences to others, generating the sentiment that 365 Experience is built by travellers, for travellers.

In addition, with an ever growing passion to bring people together, Avery founded the Canadian Ski & Snowboard Club in 2015. He organized group trips for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the sport in a collective setting and to form new memories.

For Avery, building companies that are impact driven is paramount. After watching the 2020 documentary A Life on Our Planet, he was inspired to start a venture that would have a positive impact on our environment. Alongside his business partner Steve, Avery launched AirScoot in July, 2020 with a mission to lower trips of fossil fuels by making electric transportation much more affordable and accessible – by placing electric scooters in residential buildings.

“I want to create a foundation of consistent recurring revenue so we can invest in smart people to do smart things,” said Avery when asked about what he sees for the future of his ventures. He enjoys providing a space for individuals to put their skills to use and to grow their knowledge in varying industries while the businesses continue to grow.

With 365 Experience and AirScoot operating successfully, Avery has some new exciting projects up his sleeve. His continuous desire to create, improve, and expand ventures act as a testament to his authentic entrepreneurial drive.

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